My Wonder Core Smart Review

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wonder core smart review

Is this infomercial gadget just a bunch of hype or does it deliver the results you are looking for. My Wonder Core Smart Review is your short and to the point guide on what this product will bring or take away from your waistline.

Does it work?

the wonder core uses adjustable tension springs to increase or decrease exercise resistance. This can make a workout easy or tougher depending on your level of fitness. This is a nice function since it will allow you to get more time out of it as you get in better shape.

Results can vary, but if you want great results, you will need to follow a solid low calorie diet and have an exercise plan to help burn more calories. My findings are that on even the highest tension settings, it just didn’t work me enough to get my heart racing at a pace that burns significant calories.

What’s the bottom line?

What it all boils down to is if you are looking for a sure fire workout machine or device this just won’t do on its own. It is a great addition to your home gym though if you need assistance to perform some of the trickier or more difficult ab toning exercises. But truth be told, all of the exercises that Wonder Core Smart can assist you with can honestly be done without the device to begin with.

If you are into to adding more equipment to your home gym then give it a go, but if you are already doing exercises for your abs on your own, pass this up.